Ski school

Beginners are taught individually or in groups, and our goal is to teach you to ski independently and safely.

We begin the lessons in easy and flat areas, and gradually we move to gentle slopes and prepare you for the use of ski lifts. At the same time, we pay maximum attention to correct skiing technique so that from the very beginning you only get the right skiing habits. A good skiing technique is the basis for a safe, controlled skiing and helps you to improve in the future.

For complete beginners we recommend group or individual classes, at least as a 3 day programme (2 to 4 hours a day).

For advanced skiers, we create a training programme according to your needs and time options. We recommend individual lessons where, under the supervision of a professional instructor, you get rid off any bad habits and continue to improve your technique. You will get new motor skills but also a lot of information necessary for your growth as a skier. You will also start enjoying your ski equipment in full, especially in carving curves.